A basic guide on how to build shelves

by Brian O'Neil 07/08/2024

Need shelf organizers but not sure where to start? Adding shelves can provide much needed storage and organization to your space. Building your own wall shelves at home may seem like a challenge, however doing so can save you money and declutter any area. 

Why build your own shelves?

DIY shelves are a great way to organize your belongings. No matter what you need to store or display, you can create shelves to fit your needs.

Not only are DIY shelves a fantastic way to arrange your belongings, DIY wall shelves can be more affordable. When done by a professional, you have to pay for the shelves and installation. When you install them yourself, you bypass the installation fee. 

DIY closet shelving ideas

Adding a shelving unit to your closet can help keep the space organized and efficient. To get started, please consider the following tools and guides needed to install your shelving unit:

  1. Before installing anything, measure the space and determine the number of shelves you would like to install. 
  2. Next, cut a 1x4 board into 3 sections for each shelf. This is where your shelf will sit. 
  3. Use a stud finder to find and mark where your 1x4 boards will be placed. Then screw the boards into the studs. 
  4. Once the 1x4 boards are placed, you can add the shelf panels. You will just need to cut and size the boards to fit within the dimensions of the closet space. Once you have cut the panels, you can then nail them to the top of the 1x4s.  
  5. If there are any gaps between the paneling, try adding caulk for a cleaner appearance. Finally, feel free to paint your shelves a shade of your choosing. 

This project may take around a week to complete. However, the result will be worth your time and effort.

The versatility of plastic crate shelving

Plastic crates make for a fantastic wall shelving. They are sturdy and can be configured in many ways to suit your storage needs. Whether you want a basic or unique layout it can be done with plastic crates. 

Other DIY shelving ideas

There are many other shelf ideas to explore. For example, you can add a shelf to your bed’s headboard. This allows you to store and display your items right above your bed in a neat and fashionable way. 

Need more space in your kitchen? Consider installing shelves to sort your seasonings and glassware. 

Storage shelves are a crucial storage and display solution. Luckily, you can make your own shelving to fit your specific requirements. . Need help with finding materials for your next shelving project? Consider reaching out to an associate at your local home improvement store.

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