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Posted by Brian O誰eil on 2/28/2019

16 Squantum St, Worcester, MA 01606




Burncoat- One owner, lovingly cared for three bedroom ranch on a large corner lot. Hardwood floors, fireplace, and garage under, Circuit breakers, sprinkler system, updated heating system and central A/C.
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Posted by Brian O誰eil on 2/24/2019

If you plan to sell a house, it can be easy to try to rush through the home selling cycle. However, doing so may do more harm than good, particularly for home sellers who want to maximize their profits.

Ultimately, a wait and see approach can be beneficial for a home seller. Some of the key reasons to consider taking a wait and see approach to selling a house include:

1. You can clean your house from top to bottom.

A messy home is unlikely to generate interest from large groups of homebuyers. Comparatively, a neat, tidy and pristine home is sure to stir up plenty of interest once it reaches the real estate market.

If you spend some time enhancing your house's interior and exterior, the benefits can be substantial. In addition to making your residence more attractive to homebuyers, you may be able to raise your chances of receiving offers at or above your initial asking price.

To clean your house's interior, you should spend some time mopping the floors, wiping down walls and ceilings and doing whatever you can to make each room look great. Meanwhile, to improve your house's exterior, you may want to mow the front lawn, trim the hedges and do everything possible to ensure your house has plenty of curb appeal.

2. You can conduct a comprehensive home appraisal.

A home seller who immediately adds a residence to the real estate market might not understand what his or her house is worth based on the current housing market's conditions. As such, this home seller risks pricing his or her house too high or too low.

Conversely, if you perform a home appraisal, you can set a competitive price for your residence from day one. This appraisal also will enable you to identify your home's strengths and weaknesses and find ways to transform assorted weaknesses into strengths.

Employ an experienced home appraiser to evaluate your house you'll be glad you did. With a top-notch home appraiser at your side, you can receive the expert insights that you need to price your house appropriately.

3. You can discover the right real estate agent.

When it comes to selling a house, why should you be forced to work with an inferior real estate agent? Unfortunately, if you rush to add your residence to the real estate market, you may select the first real estate agent that you meet. And in this scenario, you risk making a poor choice.

On the other hand, a home seller who takes a wait and see approach can spend some time evaluating many real estate agents. Then, this home seller can make an informed selection and increase his or her chances of enjoying a successful home selling experience.

There is no reason to hurry through the home selling journey. Instead, deploy a wait and see approach, and you should have no trouble remaining patient and capitalizing on the right opportunities to maximize the value of your house.

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Posted by Brian O誰eil on 2/17/2019

Adding a quality home to the real estate market offers no guarantees. And if you fail to set a competitive initial asking price for your residence, your home may linger on the housing market for many weeks or months. Fortunately, we're here to teach you about the real estate sector and ensure you can use your home's initial asking price to differentiate your residence from the competition.

Now, let's take a look at three tips to help you establish the right price for your house prior to listing your residence.

1. Analyze the Housing Market

The housing market is tough to navigate, particularly for a seller who wants to separate his or her residence from the crowd. Thankfully, an informed home seller can review housing market data and use this information to establish a price range for his or her house.

A home seller who assesses the real estate sector can differentiate a buyer's market from a seller's one. This seller will collect and analyze housing market data related to the prices of recently sold residences and how long these houses were listed before they sold. Then, this seller can determine whether he or she is preparing to enter a buyer's or seller's market.

2. Conduct a Home Inspection and Appraisal

Although a home inspection usually is requested by a buyer after a seller accepts an offer to purchase, it may be beneficial for a seller to conduct an inspection before listing a home. An inspection enables a seller to identify problem areas in a residence. As a result, a seller can use an inspection report to prioritize home improvement projects, complete home repairs and boost the value of his or her house.

A home appraisal also may prove to be exceedingly valuable to a seller. In fact, an appraisal provides a seller with a property valuation that he or she can use to establish a competitive initial home asking price.

3. Hire a Real Estate Agent

There is no telling how homebuyers will respond to a new house that becomes available. Lucky for you, a real estate agent can help you plan ahead to list your house and ensure you can establish a competitive price for your home from day one of the property selling journey.

A real estate agent is an expert resource that you can leverage when you sell your house. He or she can help you review housing market data from a variety of sources. Furthermore, a real estate agent can put you in touch with the top home inspectors and appraisers. Perhaps best of all, a real estate agent takes the guesswork out of pricing a house and will help you set an initial home asking price that matches buyers' expectations.

When it comes to selling your house and maximizing its value, there is no need to work alone. If you hire a real estate agent today, you can get the help you need to showcase your residence to prospective buyers and boost the likelihood of a profitable home sale.

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Posted by Brian O誰eil on 2/15/2019

This Condo in Grafton, MA recently sold for $205,000. This Townhouse style home was sold by Brian O誰eil - RE/MAX Advantage I.

7 Coventry Rd, Grafton, MA 01519


Sale Price

Best deal in Bruce Hollow! Updated inside and out 2 bedroom townhouse with one car garage under. Large open living room with cathedral ceiling, gas fireplace and sliders to balcony. New quartz countertops and backsplash in kitchen. Renovated bath with double sink and granite countertop. Exterior renovations underway and being completed by association. Close to historic Grafton Common. Easy access to Mass Pike, and commuter rail.

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Posted by Brian O誰eil on 2/10/2019

With Christmas behind us and winter looming ahead of us for however many months it chooses this year, you may find yourself spending more time cozying up in your bed. While this is a delightful sentiment, it might not be as pleasant as it sounds if your bed leaves you with aches and pains after what should be a restful time. 

Maybe the mattress companies know something

Winter is that time of year when mattresses tend to go on sale. If you are one of the many people who spend more of your time in bed during the winter, then maybe you can understand this. It is the time when people tend to have a chance to notice how their bed leaves them feeling and, if they don稚 like it, the desire to change用ronto. 

Don稚 be too hasty 

的mmediately sounds like a good idea when you wake up with a crick in your neck and a rock in your back. But, it痴 good to slow down a little to make sure that this will be a decision that you will be able to enjoy for many nights to come. 

Know your budget

Knowing what your budget is before you go helps you to narrow down your choices from the get-go. But, don't be afraid to look at one a little higher in price and negotiate it down to the budget that you have. Mattress companies can have their products marked up to twice the amount that they are willing to take for them. Keep in mind that the warranties are usually limited based on the use of a mattress protector so, ask the seller to include one in the purchase of the bed. 

Know what you need

 Go in knowing what you don稚 like about your current bed and what position(s) you sleep in the most. In today's market, there are all kinds of options including beds for folks who are multi-sided sleepers (for example, both back and side) and a salesperson that knows the product and directs you to the best options on the showroom floor. 

Don稚 be afraid to shop around

Shopping more than one store gives you the ability to know you are making a sound decision. Most stores will not have the same selection容ven if they sell the same brand. What you can try will be important. While you are at different stores, you may find out just how much adjustment room there is in the price. And, you are more likely to see the salesperson痴 true qualities when you tell them you are looking and not making an immediate purchase. It is good to find someone that you can trust since this can help make the process smoother. If one person can go lower, so can someone else. It is a good idea to find a place that has a 斗ove it mattress guarantee. There is no sure way to be completely confident that the one you chose in the store will sleep well for hours at a time. A warranty gives you peace of mind. 

Sleep well on your new bed

Whether you find the perfect bed and sales assistant on the first try, or it takes a few tries to locate it, give yourself some time. It will be worth the effort when you are enjoying your bed at home knowing that you made a good choice.

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